Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions about Rockwood Products, which you can use as a reference to help answer any questions you may have.

How do you order a coordinator 2600 Series?

Order No. 2600 + opening size; example: 2600 + 72” (opening) = 2672. Most common sizes are the No. 2660, 2672 and 2696.

Can door edgings be supplied for sizes other than 40” to 42”?

Yes. Standard lengths are 42”, 84” & 96”. (Note: 84” and 96” are made to match net door height - specify.)

Can door edges be UL labeled?

UL rated door edges are available. Contact the factory for size limitations for UL rated edgings. Must specify when ordering (example: 306-UL).

Which manual flush bolts may be used on hollow metal fire rated doors?

No. 550 & 555 Lever Extension Flush Bolts for hollow metal swinging doors measuring up to 4’w x 10’h rated up to and including 3 hours.

Which manual flush bolts may be used on wood composite fire rated doors?

No. 557 Lever Extension Flush Bolt for plastic and wood covered fire doors measuring up to 4’w x 10’h rated up to and including 1-1/2 hours.

What is the standard material thickness for stainless steel kickplates?

0.050 standard. Other available thicknesses: 0.038, 0.062, 0.125.

Are K1050 kickplates beveled?

Yes. All Rockwood kick plates, armor plates, and push plates are manufactured with beveled edges as a standard feature.

What are the two available standard mounting types needed to conceal fasteners when mounting pull bar sets back to back?

Type 5 and 5HD for 1-3/4" wood or metal doors, and Type 13 and 13HD for glass doors.

What is the standard mounting supplied with standard wrought door pulls?

Type 1 Thru Bolt is standard on most pulls unless specified.