Location Standards:

Positioning Applications Sizing Engraving

Door pulls to plates
- Engraving on plates
Cutouts on plates
Cutout and engraving on plates

Note: Be sure the pull you choose will fit on the plate, allowing for cutouts and/or engraving.

1-1/4" standard cylinder hole cutout size
3/8" diameter standard turn knob hole
Other cutout sizes and styles are readily available

3/4" high condensed block letters with black enamel fill
Other letter sizes and styles are readily available


ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)
As amended through 2004

4.13.9 Door Hardware. Handles, pulls, latches, locks, and other operating devices on accessible doors shall have a shape that is easy to grasp with one hand and does not require tight grasping, tight pinching, or twisting of the wrist to operate. Lever operated mechanisms, push-type mechanisms, and U-shaped handles are acceptable designs. When sliding doors are fully open, operating hardware shall be exposed and usable from both sides. Hardware required for accessible door passage shall be mounted no higher than 48 in. (1220 mm) above finished floor.

Pull Positioning on Plates 4" or Less in Width:

pull positioning

Pull Positioning on Plates Wider than 4" (Handing Required):


Recommended Locations on Door:

door thumb


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