Sizing of Push Barssizing

Flush Doors
Door width:
• minus 5" for bent end bars
• minus 5" for square end post mount bars
• minus 7" for round end post mount bars

Stile and Rail Doors or Doors with Lites
Door width:
• minus width of one stile.

Caution: Always confirm bars will not interfere with jamb or cause pinching hazard.

Caution: On narrow stile doors, be sure push bar base fits on the stile and bar does not interfere with the stop.


Handing of Doorshanding

 The handing of a door is determined from the outside of the opening.

Standing outside the door:
• If hinges are on the right, it is a right hand door.
• If hinges are on the left, it is a left hand door.
• If door opens away from you, it is a regular bevel 
• If door opens toward you, it is a reverse bevel door.


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