logoMicroShield® ---a new innovative finish coating that delivers protection against a broad range of bacteria and microbes. MicroShield uses Agion Technologies’ silver ion based antimicrobial agent to produce this new protective finish that suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, yeast, fungi, mold and mildew on the surface of the finished product. This non-toxic finish lasts the life of the hardware and is available on Rockwood door pulls, push bars and protection plates.

Agion Antimicrobial Compound Questions

What is it and how does it works?

The Agion antimicrobial compound is an inorganic material with the natural protection of silver. Encapsulated silver ions are slowly released from the antimicrobial compound to the treated surface where they interact with microorganisms on the surface of the product. This produces an effective shield and has been proven to be successful in controlling the spread of numerous strains of bacteria, algae, yeast, fungi, mold and mildew.

How safe is it?

The Agion antimicrobrial compound technology has been tested and proven to be safe and non-toxic.

Has it been approved?

The Agion antimicrobial has been EPA registered, NSF certified, and is even FDA listed for use in medical and food preparation equipment.

Benefits of Using MicroShield®

What is MicroShield?

The Agion antimicrobial compound is a silver-based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the MicroShield coating. This coating is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and has been proven to be successful in controlling the spread and growth of many types of bacteria, mold and mildew.


MicroShield products are ideal for installation in hospitals, assisted living facilities, clinics, daycare facilities, laboratories, offices, schools where vigilance in the war against bacteria and mold is critical.

How fast does it work?

The Agion antimicrobial in MicroShield continuously works to protect the treated surface. For most types of microorganisms, the majority of contaminants will be gone in as little as 20 minutes.


Under normal wear and tear the MicroShield coating is permanent. Agion antimicrobial protective finish will remain effective for the useful life of our finish and does not cause any product discoloration.

What if the product gets scratched?

A small scratch through the coating will not adversely impact the product from an efficacy standpoint. Silver ions contained within the Agion antimicrobial compound can still diffuse and migrate to the bacteria or microbes within the scratch. The active silver can “bridge” the gap. Wide scratch patterns may reduce the amount of antimicrobial product available to inhibit the growth of microbes.

Do I still need to clean my hardware?

The MicroShield coating provides a cleaner surface however the normal cleaning regime appropriate to your environment is recommended.

How do I clean my hardware?

Use a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Never use brass polish or an abrasive cleaner unless you intend to remove all lacquer and totally refinish the product.

Others Uses of the Agion Antimicrobial Compound

Stainless and carbon steel products treated with coatings similar to MicroShield, containing the Agion antimicrobial compound, have been used in Japan for about 7 to 8 years in appliance, food and restaurant equipment.

In the United States the Agion antimicrobial compound is used in footwear, water bottles, clothing, food preparation surfaces, HVAC products and medical applications. We are the first and only full line manufacturer of door pulls, push bars, and protection plates to offer their product lines coated with MicroShield, containing the Agion antimicrobial compound.

How Do I Get the Product?

Rockwood products are offered through their authorized distributors. For additional information on Rockwood products coated with MicroShield, call 1-800-458-2424.

MicroShield® - As part of their promise to provide innovative solutions to their customers, ASSA ABLOY Group companies offer the MicroShield® technology, a silver-based antimicrobial coating designed to stem the spread of germs and bacteria.

MicroShield® is a registered trademark of Yale Security Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group company.