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Cross-Reference Chart (for download)

Cross Reference Chart

Accessories Cross Reference Chart for Markar, McKinney, Pemko, and Rockwood Products.

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Pemko Products


Pemko Full Line Catalog
Pemko Condensed Catalog
Pemko Sliding and Folding Catalog Section
Planet Automatic Door Bottoms

Brochures/Promo Sheets:

Eco-V® Bio Based Extrusions
Pemko Acoustic Seal Sets
Pemko Acoustic Gasketing
Pemko Acoustic Automatic Door Bottoms
Pemko Door Bottoms
Pemko Excessive Gap Solutions
Acoustic Thresholds
Pemko Threshold with Flexible Joint
Pemko ADA Compliant Threshold
Pemko Stainless Steel Thresholds and Gasketing
Pemko Antimicrobial Gasketing
Pemko Thermal Barrier Latch Track Saddle
Pemko PDLAA Privacy Door Latch
Pemko Z-Brackets
Pemko Privacy Seals for Sliding Doors Sell Sheet

Continuous Hinge Promo Sheets:

Pemko Net Length Hinge
Pemko ElectroLynx® Geared Hinges Promo Sheet
Double Swing Hinge with Emergency Release Stop
Pemko Balanced Pivot Continuous Geared Hinge
Markar and Pemko Anti-Barricade Rescue Hardware Brochure

Pemko Sliding Door Hardware Brochures

Pemko Sliding Door Hardware Systems Brochure
Pemko Builders Series Flat Track Sliding Door Hardware Systems
Pemko Designer Series
Pemko Side Wall Track System
Stainless Steel Sliding Track Hardware Systems
Stainless Steel Sliding Track Hardware with Cushion Stop
Pemko Simultaneous Acting Sliding Door System SIM150
Pemko Pocket Frame Kit
Pemko Flush Bolts for Sliding Doors
Henderson Stainless Straight Sliding Hardware
Henderson Commercial Folding Systems
Henderson Straight Sliding Door Systems
Henderson Commercial Multidirectional Door Systems
Henderson Industrial Stainless Steel Hardware
Henderson Components
Henderson Straight Sliding for Top-Hung Wood, Metal or Glass Doors