Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for door opening products

An Environmental Product Declaration reports the environmental data of products, based on their life cycle assessment (LCA). Keeping in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations), an EPD® most importantly compares products and services by their environmental impacts, providing transparency about the products.

EPDs can communicate a product or service’s environmental improvement over a period of time.

Rockwood Products 
107x70C Pull Plate EPD
111x70C Pull Plate EPD
DRS-4AC, DRT-4AC Door Rails EPD
GeoMetek Pull EPD
K1050 Kickplate EPD
LP3301 PostMount Locking Pull EPD
Offset Pull and Push Bar EPD
PDU8000-3 Panic Device EPD
VRP30 Vandal Resistant Pull EPD

McKinney Products 
Full Mortise Bearing Hinge - 3 Knuckle Variation EPD
Full Mortise Bearing Hinge - 5 Knuckle Variation EPD
TA2714 Standard Door Hinge EPD

Pemko/Markar Products 
18061NB Brush Weatherstrip EPD
2009PK Threshold EPD
2746x292FGPK Thermally Broken Threshold EPD
303_PK Perimeter Gasketing EPD
Eco-V® Thresholds EPD
FM300 Stainless Steel Edge Mount Continuous Pin and Barrel Hinge EPD
Full Mortise Aluminum Heavy Duty Continuous Geared Hinge EPD
H440A-OH Overhead Mounted Track System EPD
Silicone Adhesive Smoke and Fire Gasket EPD
STC411™, STC4131™ Automatic Door Bottoms EPD